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 Matik Packaging is an industrial packaging company that relies on the experience of three generations. The company started out on an artisanal level and in time has earned appraisals from many different Italian and international brands thanks to its constant research of new creative solutions.

 Matik Packaging is a winning solution because it combines a quality production with a high level of service by offering complete support, from the idea to the graphic design project, from the first to the last stages of production. In Matick Packaging you will be surprised by our attention to every detail and by the support of modern and automated machinery.


 Our packaging is used in many different markets and by companies looking for a prestigious positioning: in shoes, fashion and accessories, cosmetics, food. There’s no limit to how much you can enhance a product through packaging across industries.

 Matik Packaging is specialized in producing boxes, containers, tissue paper and shopper bags. Industria Passaro Imballaggi is also part of our group and is dedicated to producing and selling industrial packaging, die cut corrugated cardboard, and LuxBag as well – the group’s brand aimed at selling Shopping Bags.